Stephanie Herman 

About Stephanie Herman Films

Stephanie Herman Productions provides full service concept development, filming, and pre- and post-production support and can help you with videos for your web pages, commercials, dance and exercise DVDs, and more.

She works in conjunction with Dan Griffin of GG Films. 

GG Films  is an accomplished video production company based in Menlo Park, CA. Experienced with product introductions & demos, marketing communications, sales tools, and customer success stories. Offers distribution to the web and mobile devices. Primed to help bring your story to life.

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Stephanie Herman, Producer and Host


In the early 1990s, Stephanie Herman began producing “The Stephanie Herman Show” in order to inspire busy, successful people to make space in their lives for play and relaxation. A joyful, empathetic visionary with a global perspective, Stephanie’s careful attention to detail and interview skills exposes the true magic of people and places. Five-time nominee and winner of the “Western Alliance of Excellent Video Award,” (WAVE), “The Stephanie Herman Show” enhances people’s lives through Stephanie’s curated adventures in Travel, Lifestyles, Entertainment, and People.


At the heart of “The Stephanie Herman Show,” Stephanie has been helping people for years through groundbreaking fitness programs. She began her long and illustrious career under the tutelage of ballet legend, George Balanchine. After traveling the world as a Principal Ballerina, she focused her great knowledge, talent, and energy into developing an innovative and motivating mind-body system that fuses dance, fitness, dynamic movement, and Pilates. Stephanie has been written up in numerous publications, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Self, and The New York Times.

Ana Simoes, Director and Videographer 

One of the films directed by Ana Simoes is Sin Visa. The 84-minute feature film addresses the intersections between systems of oppression and discrimination, bringing to light social justice and human rights issues, like family separation, the “Dream Act” and higher education, and the
need for immigration reform. With almost 50,000 views, this film reflects the quality of her work. View trailer at

Garthwait & Dan Griffin, GG Films
The topics we tackle are complex — we seek not to simplify but to illuminate. In the documentary film space for over a decade, we specialize in human rights, science, and the environment. Our work focuses on the global perspective. When examining a human rights case in Tibet, we draw connections to South Africa, Northern Ireland, and East Timor.  When exploring the oceans and sustainability, we bring humor, as well as drones, to the middle of the South Pacific to make sure we tell the best story. We present familiar subjects in unfamiliar ways and examine topics in universal context.
Our goal is to engage. We connect to viewers on many levels, creating pieces that speak to subject experts and neophytes alike. To broaden our audience, we utilize a variety of genres, from award winning documentaries to music videos & movie trailers. Broadcast on PBS, rock concerts, theatres, film festivals & mobile devices.
Richard Singer, Creative Advisor and Production Assistant

Mr. Singer “Left Field Productions”, Inventor of consumer and enterprise products for technology companies. Rich has contributed his creative flair to The Stephanie Herman Show since its inception, and participates as creative advisor, production assistant and writer, while on location.
Jill Andre, Production Assistant

Ms. Andre brings 20 years of professional Experience in visual design, video production and electronic media. Inspired by her love of dance, she is skilled at visually depicting the human body in motion. She is an award winning, internationally collected fine Artist.